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    Neil DeGrasse Tyson Ruins Your Zombie Fantasies Forever - Video

    Love this bit

    "just sayin’"

    He’s thought about it though. One of the greatest minds of our generation sat down one day and was like “wait, could zombies exist?” And then he did the science thing and was like “nah we’re good.”

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    a heart of stone, rind so tough it’s crazy
    that’s why they call me the avocado baby

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    "Women have to protect other women"
    "Women have to protect other women"
    "Women have to protect other women"
    "Women have to protect other women"
    "Women have to protect other women"
    "Women have to protect other women"
    "Women have to protect other women"
    "Women have to protect other women"
    "Women have to protect other women"

    And that means white women protecting WOC.
    Cis women protecting trans women.
    Straight women protecting queer women.
    Abled women protecting disabled women.
    Not just white cishet abled women protecting other white cishet abled women.

    Not to mention that the woman in the gif is Angel Haze, a pansexual black indigenous woman  (who has some Native ancestry). 

    [angel haze highly values her native ancestry, she’s a member of cherokee nation and taught herself tsalagi, and it’s important that we acknowledge that, esp. considering the lack of native american voice in so much media]

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    Remember when Disney was all like ‘fuck how races work and homogeneous casts and couples’?

    Black and white couple produce fillipino-american child. White dude is the valet. White step mother, one white step sister, one black step sister. Just a jumble, and it ought to happen again.

    Some facts from imdb:

    First multi-racial cast performing Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella.

    Whitney Houston was producing Rodger and Hammerstein’s “Cinderella” and was to star in it until she decided that Brandy Norwood would make a better Cinderella. Brandy would not do it unless her idol Whitney took the Fairy Godmother role.

    Brandy Norwood became the first African-American to play Cinderella. This version broke viewer-ship records when it debuted, and it holds the record for the bestselling video for a made for TV movie.

    So fuck any noise where people say audience don’t want to see a mixed race couple, or more people of color. This was a success from television. I still remember Brandy singing Impossible. 

    That ought to happen again. Mixed race live action cast where the relationships don’t made genetic or racial sense.

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  5. Me: How do I own 68 Los Campesinos! songs.

    Me: How are there only 68 Los Campesinos! songs.


  6. "Well it’s summertime and you know what that means
    Gonna crawl into the bed
    Gonna never leave the bed"
    — A more accurate version of Regular Show’s “(Summertime Lovin’) Lovin’ in the Summer (Time)”

  7. A couple I went to high school with is actually naming their baby Rory Oswin I am going to fucking throw up


  8. Thank you, Patel Conservatory, for denying my leave request six days after the date I requested leave.


  9. I ordered an iced coffee from the coffee shop on the other side of the building where I work.
    The barista gave it to me in a hot coffee cup.
    With a heat sleeve and everything.
    I am literally so uncomfortable this isn’t right everything is cold and the condensation outside of the cup is making the cardboard cup kinda damp and WHAT THE FUCKKK.


  10. "Wonder Woman is there to kick ass not give you a boner"
    — favorite response to some dude saying the Wonder Woman costume isn’t sexy enough on Facebook (via agentturner)

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    Reasons to dye your hair bright and unnatural colors

    • Because you wanna
    • Being punk rock
    • Looking hella cute
    • Small children’s reactions

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    And here is new preview number two!

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    A remake of George Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty-Four” that follows the plot and tone of the book exactly, but plays Bowling for Soup’s “1985” over the credits, leaving the audience baffled and wondering if it was supposed to imply a forthcoming, really inappropriate, sequel. 

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    Polygons measuring spoon

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